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  • Academic writing
  • Poetry
  • Creative writing
  • Copywriting
  • Marketing
  • Singing
  • Songwriting
  • Play writing
  • Writing
  • Business presentations

I am a graduate from the University of Oregon, with a degree in English and General Social Science. My emphasis for my degree was business and economics, however, I have a wide breadth of expertise, ranging from - most obviously - literature and business, to radio, music, public speaking, television, film, cartoons, games, fashion, cooking, and home improvement. I have always been a jack of many trades, so to confine my level of knowledge to just one seems to be close to impossible. That all being said, the services I provide are as follows: Writing: Essay Writing (not for plagiarism) - freelance, formal, academic, research, example/sample Creative Writing - short stories, long stories, poetry, comics, scenario, Screen/Scriptwriter - shows/skits/plays, short films, feature films, comedy specials, comedy routines, television show, documentary, demonstration videos Business writing - business plans, marketing plans, advertising/copywriter, public relations, pitches and presentations Articles - opinion pieces, research, academic, creative Music: Singer, songwriter, rapper, lyricist, voice-over, creative producer, talent scout Acting: *If it's something I will write for, then I'll most likely act for it. Voice Work: Voice over, broadcasting/announcing, commentating, voice acting for games and animation, audio books I also give advice and free consultations. These consultations will help me better gauge the situation, and give a fair, more accurate price. All fees will be talked over, but not all prices are negotiable.