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I want to personally invite you to come see how much easier it is to connect your dots in food and nutrition for life, with a personal wellness chef that truly owns a passionate drive to see you thrive. Today, internet access and marketing sometimes mean there is a lot of conflicting and confusing data about food and what is really “good” for us. With all the choices and information many, including myself, seem to have no choice but to play the game of food justification. This often results in feeling deprived or getting less fun or enjoyment when it comes to choosing, preparing and incorporating great food into a daily routine or even special occasion. All in all it’s confusing when it comes to deciding where to shop, what and how to prepare food, not to mention the when should I eat. I have enjoyed twenty plus years as a chef, coach and in business management, training staff from coast to coast, a background that includes experience with large corporations and small boutique businesses, and providing services to individual clients. I also spent four years working with an Osteopath; an experience that reinforced my observation that most people have a very limited understanding of food and it's deep connection to health and wellbeing. These experiences continue to serve as important guide posts in my own battle with cancer and a thyroid dysfunction. The journey to my own wellness has lead me to the conclusion, that I am not alone in my desire for a better way to approach food, nutrition and fitness. To share what I have learned in an accessible format has become my drive and passion. For me, applying my life experience and training in food, health and fitness to teaching and coaching others, leads to real, achievable and sustainable changes that make food fun, healthy and enjoyable again. Try my services and enjoy $25 off! Initial Consultation A 45-minute consultation and "food preference interview" (preferably in the client's kitchen) is provided to see how I can best suit your needs. Consultations are $50. Food Cost Food cost is determined by your menu selections. Grocery and transportation receipts are provided each service day, along with a detailed invoice of services provided. Services Personal Chef Services This is when fresh meals for the week are prepared in your home one or two days per week. Please contact me to schedule a consultation and once your service needs are determined we can better approximate the rate. Dinner Parties I will plan and prepare a lovely dinner for you and your guests to enjoy, making for a memorable evening. A server can be arranged. Special Services In addition to personal chef cooking I offer additional services such as kitchen organizing, cooking lessons, and more. Please contact me for more details. You”ll choose from the following basics; Poultry: Herb Chicken and Grilled Turkey Breast, All Natural, Free Range, No added Hormones, Boneless, Skinless Beef: Angus Rump, Grass fed, Fresh, Never Frozen, Boneless, Low Fat Lamb: Organic, 100% grass-fed lamb from local farms with small flocks, which provide a natural lifestyle for their lamb stock Fish & Seafood: Tuna Steak and Grilled Salmon, Wild Caught, Fresh, Boneless, Skinless, Sea Scallops, Shrimp and shellfish when available Sides: Quinoa • Roast Sweet Potato • Brown Rice • Barley Broccoli • Broccolini • Green Beans • Asparagus * Vegan and Vegetarian options are available * • Our meals are Soy, Wheat, Gluten or Dairy free, Preservative Free and Locally Sourced •