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  • Game development

Good day my fellows. I am an artist and entrepreneur in the process of bringing my ideas into reality. In order to do so I am willing to go the extra mile every time so that I can have more energy to put into my creation. I'm developing a mobile game with the assistance of the adobe suite on Mac. Now I am no computer programmer, I didn't actually get that far in my studies. I do however have a rather trained eye when it comes to art and design. In the next few months I plan on developing all of the necessary assets. I will just require 1 person, or a team of skilled programmers to well... program the app! That is what I am currently doing at this moment, whilst seeking other employment. I am also well of aware of proper nutrition dieting and exercise for those that are looking for help in those areas. Nutrition is one of many problems we face as a quickly growing species. The further we go into mass producing goods, the more creative we seek to be, without truly understanding the negative impact of most of the junk foods being consumed today. I am completely for a healthy, toxin free lifestyle where everyone is "sane." That is actually the direction that I am taking my mobile app, although it is going to be a game. It is going to be very fun and informational for all ages. I will explain it once we interact!! :) I have also trained in tae kwon do since I was 15 years old. If anyone is interested in learning I am willing to teach. With effort you can learn anything! I will do commission art graphics for whatever you need!!