My name is Amberlyn Blair. I am a twenty year old female. I am originally from Tennessee, but I have moved up north to New York on Christmas 2016. I have so much personality to go around. Also, I am a very positive person. I love to take care of others and make them happy. Take care of others is amazing. I play basketball and also do modeling. I want children of my own one day, but not yet. I am too young.

Languages: English
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  • Babysitting

I have many skills such as: a great heart, patience, compassion, good work ethic, active listening, learning strategies, social perceptiveness, monitoring, instructing, and much more. My background on being a provider is a very short one. As a teenager, I took care of my two of my nieces from newborn until they were both the age of one. Their father decided to step up. Also, I took care of my neighbors children too. I babysat a lot of times growing up, because I have always love babies/children. Once I hit the age sixteen, I went an started working at a McDonald's. That's when I decided to quit babysitting. If you would like to know anything else about me, my background, or anything else to make you feel comfortable. Just ask me and I will be sure to give you an answer.