Screenwriter/Filmmaker/Producer/Actress. My films and series have screened and won awards in several festivals across the country. My horror screenplay "The Ansford Chiller" is now available on Amazon. I enjoy telling a good story and even more so, helping others tell theirs.

My resume

  • Writing tutor
  • Writing
  • Novelist
  • Story editing
  • Editing
  • Filmmaker
  • Screenwriting
  • Acting lessons

As an award winning indie screenwriter/filmmaker, I have successfully produced several productions in NYC (from short films to web series), and in doing so have used my intuition and training as a storyteller to bring it all together & assemble great teams! I am a self-taught film editor who works off of Sony Vegas Pro and compose my own soundtracks. I am also a novelist and capable editor, having experience editing company copy, blogs, articles, and short stories. You can learn more about me by going to