Hi my name is, Althea. I am s social worker, fashion marketer, and currently studying to obtain my real estate license.

Languages: English
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  • Administrative support
  • Life coach

I am a free spirited, compassionate, and generous human being. I love to see others do well, and is always excited to lend a hand or a word, where it will add to a person's growth and development. I have held many roles, and pride myself in doing a good job in the positions I have held. I have administrative experience, I have done some life coaching, provided years of direct care support, I have case managed for several years in a women's prison, and recently managed a salon, as well as assisted in property management. Facilitated and cofacilitated workshops, and group sessions. In all my work experiences, I can see that the common theme for me is working directly with the public. I am big on customer service, because I feel each individual should be treated with respect and as human beings first. I am about being of service to others. I am di scribe a lot as the life of the party, or that I walk in and light up the room.