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Words are the foundation of everything. Without them, our world could not operate. I consider myself a word professional, not just an editor or a proofreader. While I operate in an editorial capacity, I have more to offer than just an additional set of eyes on your writing. I listen to your writing, and I make it whatever you want me to make it. I can inflate or deflate the number of words you already have in a document; I can clarify any message; I can make vibrant your grammar and diction. Mistakes in text stand out to me the same way bad design stands out to a bad designer–it may be difficult to explain why it's bad because instinct is hard to explain, but you can bet your money that your writing will be better because of me. And I'll do my darnedest to help you become a better writer in the process, so that in the future you may not need me as much. I will work with just about anything, and you can depend on getting your projects done in time. No project is too little! I would love to work long-term with some of you fine folks, but don't worry if that's not in the specs. Your priorities are my priorities just as long as I know what they are, so please feel free to contact me with questions! I am available to you.