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I am Alicia! After graduating with a Bachelor's degree in 2007 from American University, I pursued my professional teaching career in several fields as a teacher's assistant for a private school, an online Spanish and English foreign language teacher, an art teacher for an aftercare community center and public school k-5 long-term substitute teacher. Also, I volunteered my time as a reading tutor at a center for disadvantaged youths beyond their classroom curriculum. My teaching philosophy is patience, guidance, encouragement and respect are the ways to achieve academic success. As an educator, my goal is to ensure that every student has a learning environment where they feel optimistic, enthusiastic and supported. Also, I believe in keeping each tutoring session professional and confidential with mutual respect and collaboration between tutor and the student. I am also willing to be flexible in changing my lessons plans to meet the specific academic needs of the student. Having taught for over 10 years to students of all ages and backgrounds both inside and out of the classroom, I believe I have the knowledge, skills and experience to help my future students achieve their academic goals and excel far beyond the classroom. I will make myself readily available to each student through video chats, white board technology and email interactions. I will prepare a personalize plan tailored to meet each individual needs. Lastly, I firmly believe that in order to be a good and an effective teacher you have to be a good listener so you can be of better assistance and give constructive criticism.