I'm a performer - I do my own work so I don't go to auditions! I arrange my artistic work around my work life.

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  • Dog care
  • Pet care
  • Event planning
  • Painting
  • Painting
  • Cat care
  • Private chef
  • Personal chef
  • Dog walking
  • Chef

I have worked as a personal assistant for over 15 years. I've kept schedules in order, made and re-arranged appointments, answered emails, consulted doctors and even got printers to behave. I have run errands, made calls, done research (on line, in archives and libraries) organized and de-cluttered for clients. I'm now in the process of learning google calendar. I've also worked in every aspect of the food business, including work as a private chef. I have the ability to find anything that can be bought (in a store or online) OR IN YOUR HOME. I've done shopping on every level - including holiday gifts (and wrapping), clothes, etc. I love pets, and have walked dogs and taken care of cats for all of my working life. I'm on time, detailed, responsible and I am a great problem solver. I live in the east village near many major subways. I'm great on the phone and I take great joy in seeing the lives of the people I work for get better! I am flexible and can work around your schedule. I bring my sense of humor with me but can also be quiet, listen and just work. I am a really devoted hard worker with a varied skill set. I am extremely creative and intuitive. I have planned (and catered) events, ironed for fashion shows, produced shows, sewed costumes, framed paintings, put up curtains, written grant proposals, taken pictures (and video) and made cold calls. If considered I will provide references. I currently teach movement classes for young children and their caregivers (part time) If I am considered I can supply you with references.