I like money so I like to work hard everyday if possible.I don't have kids or do drugs but I am a proud dog owner.Trying to make my own thing happen I can do and fix just about anything I may not have the degrees necessary to prove I have the know how,But trust me I know how and if I don't I'll learn how too.im 33 but still look like a kidd I take care of myself I just want to work and Help get my Mom her own place..that's my dream or a major goal I have set for myself.I was born in the Bronx N.Y.C soni don't have many friends here in Boston my main focus is work work work......

Languages: Spanish, English
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My resume

  • Dog care
  • Apartment cleaning
  • Pet care
  • Pet sitting
  • Dog grooming
  • Painting
  • Painting
  • House cleaning
  • Dog walking
  • Pet grooming

I'm a jack of all trades,But I have the most experience in the cleaning department I'm a really really good house or apartment cleaner.I can also provide dog walks,I can take care of an elderly person who needs help with everyday things.i can do construction electrical wiring,house sit,pet sit,pet grooming,I can paint,shovel snow,run errands,I can cook.I m a 33 year old Latino with no kids,my time is focused on work.I try to work 7 days a week if possible..Pls consider me as my rates are fair and my work ethic priceless.