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Alex Abba is the founder and creator of Accountist, Inc., a bookkeeping and tax preparation company in Flushing, New York. Accountist, Inc. provide bookkeeping and tax services for individuals and businesses in need of outsourced accounting service. Alex Abba is able to demonstrate his expertise in his previous job titles in exemplary action. Together with his keen knowledge on individual and business tax returns, he is also set with exceptional experience in this field. He is known to always provide competent and professional service. He specializes in business and individual tax preparation, IRS representation, bookkeeping and other accounting services. Alex Abba utilizes his expert skills through his company, Accountist, Inc., which is aimed at providing competent, reliable accounting service in Flushing, New York. With Accountist, Inc., Alex Abba is able to provide his proven skills in strengthening a company’s internal controls. He is able to do that by means of various accounting services designed to improve forecasting, accounting, financial reporting and the overall performance of the company’s operations. Due also to his exceptional organizational attitude, he is able to provide his clients with strategic financial statements. Being a seasoned accountant and tax professional, Alex Alba has already helped many families, individuals and businesses when it comes to handling their financial statements. With his years of experience, expert knowledge and continuing education, he is able to solve your most difficult tax issues and financial disputes. In 2015, Alex Abba received the Enrolled Agent designation from the Department of the Treasury and he has already represented taxpayers throughout New York and US as well. Before the founding of Accountist, Inc., Alex Abba had worked as a public accountant. Alex Abba graduated from Hunter College, New York, NY with Bachelor in Science, Major in Accounting and has an arsenal of computer skills in tax, financial, research and Microsoft office. With his company Accountist, Inc., it is his aim to stay on top of the latest and most up-to-date tax news and regulations that might affect his clients. It is the goal of his company to always take the proactive approach and actively help his clients when it comes to tax planning and preparation in order to maximize his clients’ finances and allow them to pay the least amount of tax that the law allows.