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  • Guitar lessons
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I am a full time musician, music producer, and music educator. I have a lot of ambition for my life and have already manifested much of the dreams that I had set out to do. I strive to always be open minded and grow to be better than I was the day before. I believe that I have good communication skills with people of all ages, especially kids, since I grew up with a brother 12 years younger than me and have taught a multitude of children guitar lessons. I am detail oriented and have well rounded computer skills. I live my life with a positive mental attitude and can adapt to just about any situation. I have a deep love for biology, sciences, nutrition, and animals. I study holistic medicine and the sciences of the universe because not only does it help me to educate people around me about the beauty and wonders of life; it is a huge inspiration in my music. I am a freelancer and have an open mind to take on any job that fits my vision of where I am trying to go in life.