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  • Architectural photography
  • Photography
  • Interior designer
  • Graphic design
  • Fashion photography

I have always been drawn to modern design whether it be through architecture, fashion, art, or interiors. I love minimalism in a sort of maximalist way. I love how the graphic designer, Massimo Vignelli, spends hours inching one photo back and forth by a millimeter on a page or how the fashion blogger Ivania Carpio wears all white outfits in front of all white backdrops with her bleached white hair. Although modernism is what drew me to graphic design as a young adult, I started off in art as a kid. I used to walk to a bookstore near my house in Atlanta and sit in the store reading every art, fashion, architecture, or photography magazine I could find from all over the world. I love film for its art direction and I love cartoons for their vibrant colors. I cannot imagine a world without visual expression. I have an expansive imagination, I never get bored of designing, and I have a clear sense of style. I am inspired by pin-up girls, minimalism, video games, cartoons, science fiction, alchemists, drag queens, the future, hot wings, 3D graphics, rockabilly, horror movies, art deco, Celtic symbols and patterns, the ocean, latex, etc. I am patently visual.