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What are the Best Gig Economy Jobs?

Tips April 04, 2017

If you’ve ever wondered if the gig economy is for you, we have good news. With each passing year, the ability to work as a freelancer is becoming easier as more people take the leap in pursuit of the freedom and flexibility that freelancing affords—55 million people freelanced in 2016 alone. Not only is the number of workers entering the gig economy growing, but the types of jobs are diversifying.

Everything from traditional desk jobs, to household chores, to unique hobbies, to large corporate projects now falls under the umbrella of the gig economy. No matter what industry a job hails from, it can fit into the freelancing world —and that’s exactly what a recent study from CareerCast found. The study calculated the best jobs for the gig economy based on salary and growth outlook. Here are the top jobs—all of which can be found on!

Contract Accountant

Finding accountants to help with your finances can be difficult, especially during the busy tax season. Luckily, you can find many options on—check them out here.

Broadcast and Sound Engineering Technician

Even the most out-of-the-box or unique projects can be serviced on We have skilled professionals who can make all your music and sound projects crystal clear—check them out here.


We all have home repair jobs that we’ve been putting off for far too long. Check out some of the talented carpenters on here.

Delivery Truck Driver

No matter your delivery needs, can help! We know it is important for you to have trustworthy individuals delivering your packages on time and error-free. Check out some of the drivers in our network here.


The community welcomes people from all backgrounds. Similarly, our talented interpreters and translators strive to make their communities more inclusive to those who speak different languages—check them out here.

Management Analyst

Get expert advice on how to most strategically manage your business. On we have experts who are ready to consult, collaborate and create effective solutions—check them out here.

Multimedia Artist

In today’s digital age, our talented artists have mastered storytelling across online platforms. has multimedia artists ready to help with your project needs—check them out here.

Occupational Therapist

Recovering from an injury or major stress on your body can be challenging. Let help get you back on your feet. Check out our experienced occupational and physical therapists here.

Software & Web Developer

We understand that not everyone has the technical skills to effectively utilize software or build their perfect website. Our talented software and web designers are here to help—check them out here.

For people looking to enter the gig economy, is the perfect place to showcase your skills, connect with clients and reach your full potential. There is a place for every skill type in our community and clients know they can use our platform to find help with any and every task.

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