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Time Management Tips Every New Business Owner Should Know

Tips January 03, 2018

For every new and hopeful business owner, strong time management skills are vital for accelerating growth, ensuring efficient use of resources, and setting up your business for success. When first getting started, most entrepreneurs have a small team, limited resources and a growing list of daily priorities. To accomplish everything without letting things fall through the cracks or sacrificing a work-life balance, business owners must invest in mastering time management.

Here are three tips and tricks for time efficiency that every business owner should know.  

Do Away With Distractions

Whether you’re working from home or in an office space, distractions are inevitable. In order to maintain a steady work flow, it’s important to identify your biggest sources of distractions and block them. To avoid social media temptations, log out of all your accounts or turn your phone on airplane mode. To limit distractions from co-workers, listen to relaxing music that drowns out background noise, or even relocate to a quiet area.

Tip: Organize your space. The cleaner your work space is, the easier it will be to concentrate.

Schedule Like A Pro

For all new business owners, every day will have a large list of pressing priorities. To manage this growing list without missing deadlines or leaving projects incomplete, it’s important to create comprehensive schedules—and stick to them. In addition to making a daily list of priorities, try writing down an hourly schedule and dedicating specific time blocks to specific projects. You can also block off time on your online calendar so co-workers know when you’re unavailable. 

Tip: Don’t overschedule. When setting your priorities, be realistic about what you can actually accomplish that day.

Don’t Be Afraid To Delegate

When starting your own business, you may feel like you have to take on or oversee every project. However, to effectively utilize your time and build a stellar team, it’s important to delegate tasks. Let team members take the first crack at important documents, that way you only have to review them. Additionally, schedule morning staff meetings and decide on duties, that way it’s clear what everyone is working on.

Tip: Outsource help. Use online talent platforms like to find experts for any and every task.

Starting your own business can leave you feeling like there aren’t enough hours in the day. However, learning the art of time management will help you streamline your work process, maximize your work day and consistently complete your daily tasks. By mastering time efficiency, you will help drive your company’s growth and accelerate your path to success.