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Steps for Creating A Top-Notch Company Brand

Tips December 11, 2017

company brand

Developing a strong company brand is an important first step for any entrepreneur looking for success—no matter their industry, experience or business type. A strong brand is comprised of several components, and mastering them all will leave you with a company that resonates with and is recognizable to your target audiences. Just as company brands take time to create and establish, brand strategies require multiple steps to be successfully executed.

Here are three steps for boosting your company’s brand.

Master Your Messaging

Crafting engaging company-wide messaging is an important first step to brand building that will help give your business a strong and distinct voice. All messaging should focus on clearly conveying who you are, what you do and what makes you unique. To drive these key points, ensure all language across your website, social media accounts, marketing collateral and advertisements is aligned and matches your company’s tone of voice. Consistency is key for creating clear messaging that will enhance your brand.

Tip: Tailor your messaging toward target audiences! If your customers live in a specific area, identify the region’s culture and lingo, and ensure it’s reflected in your messaging.

Be Consistent With Creatives

Utilizing creatives such as photos and videos that all feature consistent visual design elements helps develop a distinct image for your company’s brand. Not only do your images have to match the tone of your voice reflected in messaging, they also have to immediately capture your audience’s attention. Designing a company logo is a great start, but effective use of creatives go beyond this first step. Be sure your use of fonts, social media images, videos and website graphics all align with one another and create a cohesive snapshot of who your brand is.

Tip: Be consistent across channels. If your website is composed exclusively of real photos, avoid using illustrations or cartoons on your social media pages.

Develop A Brand Guide

Taking the time to develop a comprehensive brand guide will help ensure consistency across all company channels. These guides should serve as both a learning tool for employees and a reference point before developing company language or creatives. Begin with a general brand guide that highlights your company’s story, mission and key messages. From there, get more specific with a social media guide, a photo guide and an email guide. Having multiple guides will ensure all company divisions are aligned, even if different people are working on different projects.

Tip: Be sure to continually update your guides. With new technologies always evolving and emerging, ensure your guides hit on all relevant topics.

To be successful, a comprehensive brand-building strategy requires dedication, time and a clear vision of who your company is. Be sure to put thought into all of the vital components of a brand, including its voice, image and tone, and to always be consistent. Doing so will help create an aligned and clear understanding of your company across internal and external audiences alike.