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The Ins and Outs of Social Media Advertising

Tips October 18, 2017

Leveraging social media has become critical for the success of entrepreneurs and business owners alike. While most have adapted to develop consistent and engaging content on various social media channels, many have yet to take advantage of social media advertising. Investing in social media ads is an effective way to better reach and engage with potential clients or customers.

Here are the main advantages of using social media ads:

  • They can be targeted

One advantage of social media ads is that they can be effectively targeted toward specific audiences. When creating a Facebook ad, you select your audience based on gender, location, age range and specific interests—such as a clothing brand or TV show—included on a user’s profile. This capability makes your ads more cost-effective and successful, as they are only reaching demographics most likely to be interested in your product or service.

  • They can be interactive

Unlike traditional ads in newspapers or magazines, audiences can actually engage with social media ads. In fact, ads on Instagram—weather they’re paid for ads through the app or sponsored content collaborations with influencers—get thousands of likes and comments from viewers scrolling through their feeds. These engagements can help you better understand the reach of your ads and also get direct feedback on your product or service from current or potential customers.

  • They can be measured

Another way social media ads go above and beyond traditional forms of advertising is through their analytics capabilities. Once your ad has been published, you can track its success in real time by measuring impressions, clicks, comments, likes, shares and more. You can also monitor the traffic sent to your website through your ad. Being able to accurately measure ad analytics is an invaluable tool—it lets you see which ads work and which don’t so you can adapt your ad strategy to maximize impact.

To achieve business success, it’s essential for entrepreneurs to think through and try out new ways of engaging with customers and attracting their attention. Social media advertising is an effective way to do just that, thanks to its diverse benefits that set it apart from traditional advertising.