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Smart Outsourcing: Tips For Finding The Best Freelancers

Tips May 24, 2018

In today’s booming gig economy, finding freelance help for any and every task is easier than ever. As a result, many new and seasoned business owners are turning to outsourcing to find talent for company projects and roles—helping them save money and receive the support they need. However, even with the abundance of available freelance talent, it’s important for business owners to put a significant amount of time into choosing which projects to outsource and which outsourced talent to hire.

Here are three tips for smart outsourcing.

Don’t Cut Corners With Your Hiring Process

Even if you plan on hiring freelance help for a short-term project, don’t accelerate or simplify your company’s standard hiring process. No matter how big or small their role will be, it’s important to ensure everyone you hire is the right fit for your company and its mission. A hiring process that provides insight into your company as a whole will also help whoever you hire feel more invested in your business.

Tip: Ask for client references as a part of the hiring process to verify all candidates’ credibility.

Use Small Projects As Test Runs

After going through a comprehensive hiring process for your outsourced help, it’s important to also consider developing test projects. Start by giving those you hire a small project that isn’t time sensitive or high priority—that way, you can get a sense of their work process and the quality of their product. If you are satisfied, you’ll know that you can trust them with larger projects in the future.

Tip: If you need help right away for a large task, integrate a test project with a small budget into your hiring process.  

Take The Time To Set Expectations

No matter how standard your project or task may seem, don’t assume your outsourced help will produce a final product you’re happy with unless you set clear expectations. This means giving them a concrete deadline with a timeline of progress, as well as a detailed overview of what you’re envisioning and what you expect to have at the end of your engagement.

Tip: Consider providing all outsourced help with background documents on your company, as well as external documents you’ve produced—that way they get a sense of your voice and your style of work.

Outsourcing help is often a cost-effective solution for business owners across industries who are looking for extra support from seasoned experts. However, if not done correctly, outsourcing can waste a company time and money. That’s why it’s important to put together a comprehensive and effective action plan for hiring and communicating with your outsourced help. Ensuring you’re on the same page will result in the best work product and a positive working relationship that can be drawn on in the future.