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SEO Tips And Tricks Every New Business Owner Should Know

Tips April 24, 2018

No marketing strategy is complete without a detailed action plan for building your business’ search engine optimization, or SEO. Companies that prioritize good SEO practice are able to increase the quantity and quality of traffic to their website through organic search engine results. Additionally, these practices help potential customers and clients find your business online when searching for the services you provide or for businesses in your area. In other words, good SEO practices are vital to any company’s long-term success.

Here are four helpful tips for enhancing your SEO.

Do Your Research

Good SEO practice starts with understanding the importance of keywords and figuring out which ones to use. Whether you’re prioritizing your company’s website or social media accounts, it’s important to ensure you’re using words that are highly searchable among the general public. For social media this means researching popular hashtags, while for your website this means studying common Google searches.

Tip: Consider your audience. The most popular keywords overall may not be the most popular keywords among the specific group of people you’re targeting.

Master Keywords

Once you’ve identified the keywords that make most sense for your business, be sure you’re using them correctly. This means taking into consideration keyword density—the amount of keywords used per paragraph, keyword placement—where keywords appear throughout a website, and keyword hyperlinks—keywords that link to other sections of your company website.

Tip: When it comes to keyword density, try to insert one to four keywords per 500 words of copy—using too many keywords triggers a red flag in Google algorithms.

Ensure You’re Searchable

Outside of utilizing effective keywords, it’s also important that your company is searchable through other avenues. This means setting up a Google My Business account so that your company appears in local search results on Google and has an entry on Google Maps. Another option is setting up an account on popular review sites like Yelp.

Tip: Encourage people to review your business. Whether you’re on Yelp or some other site, a large number of reviews helps your business from a search perspective.

Leverage Your Company Blog

A well-thought-out company blog is an effective tool for SEO-building strategies. Unlike your company website, your blog can be continuously updated, allowing you to utilize keywords more frequently. It also allows you to write on a wide array of popular topics, opening up new ways for people to be directed to your site.

Tip: Use hyperlinks. Use your blog posts to hyperlink to other areas of your website, creating a high volume of traction for your business.

There are many ways new and seasoned business owners can work to drive brand awareness, including advertising, events and social media activity. However, in our current digital age, developing good SEO practices is vital for enhancing your online presence, attracting new business and ultimately building a strong customer base.