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Searching for Clients on

Tips June 19, 2017

Searching for Clients on

One of the key features on is our powerful search engine, which makes it easy for members of our open community to find exactly what they’re looking for. Clients use our search engine everyday to browse through profiles and find providers who can help them with everything from household chores to work projects. But, clients aren’t the only ones who can take advantage of our powerful search engine. Providers can also use this feature to proactively find job opportunities.

Here’s how you can search:

By Request

Search through the most recent job requests to see the specific services or tasks clients need help with. These postings include important details such as price ranges, location and timing.  Make sure you check new requests daily—you never know who may need your help!

How to: Click “Find Clients” on the top bar of our homepage.

By Category

Find job requests for specific services and tasks by using our new search by category feature. Once you’ve identified the skills you can offer clients, choose from our 22 service categories to find clients in need of those specific skills.

How to: Click “Find Clients” on the top bar of our homepage. Then, click on a category under the search bar.

By Keyword

Identify jobs requests that best match your skill set by searching using keywords. Be specific to narrow your search and find relevant job opportunities. You can also enter price ranges and cities to view jobs in your area that align with your pay expectations.

How to: Click “Find Clients” on the top bar of our homepage. Then, type any keyword in the search bar.

At, we make it easy for providers of all types to find work and find clients. No matter your skills, talents or expertise, someone on needs your help. Start searching today to grow your biz, turn your talents into cash and reach your full potential.