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Humans Tip: How to Effectively Publish Job Requests

Tips April 11, 2017

As a client looking for help with any and every task, we want you to find exactly what you need on We’ve worked hard to ensure that our open platform has the tools you need to find the perfect provider for the job. In addition to being able to search through profiles and compare user-generated reviews, you can also publish job requests—which allow you to outline the specific services you’re looking for and tasks you need help with.

Here are our top tips for effectively publishing job requests.

Publishing job requests:

Clients on can publish job requests that outline the specific jobs, projects or tasks they need help with. Need someone to clean your house before your in-laws visit next week? Publish a job request. Planning your daughter’s birthday party and need a balloon artist? Publish a job request. Looking for a graphic designer to help with a logo for your small business? Publish a job request.

No matter what you need help with, publishing a job request is an easy way to find the right service provider for the job.

How to do it:

The “publish request” button can be found in two places on on the homepage and on your profile. Be sure you’re on the “I am Client” tab on our homepage and on the client tab of your profile. From there, simply click the “publish request” button and fill out the info needed—including the job title and details.

Top tips:

To ensure your job request is effective, and to increase your chance of providers responding, include as many details as possible. Clearly summarize the job you need help with or the services you’re looking for and be sure to include your timeline, budget and location—that way only relevant providers will apply. You can also browse through provider profiles and invite those you want to work with to apply for your request.