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Must-Have Marketing Collateral For Every Business

Tips February 08, 2018

After creating a strong business foundation, it’s important for new business owners to establish and focus on sales goals. For some, this may mean attending networking events; for others, it may mean leveraging social media advertisements. Either way, it’s important for all entrepreneurs to invest in the marketing collateral needed to support interactions with customers and stakeholders alike.  

Here are three critical pieces of marketing collateral every new business owner needs.

Brand-Focused Business Cards

Whether you’re heading into an important business meeting or attending an industry networking event, business cards are essential. Not only do they help extend conversations and opportunities beyond an in-person meeting, they’re also expected across the business world. Not having a business card may lead to missed opportunities and can take away from your company’s credibility in the eyes of potential partners and investors.

Tip: Don’t feel confined to the typical business card template. Be creative and include photos or illustrations that best embody your brand.

Comprehensive Company Fact Sheet

When introducing your new company to customers and potential partners, a company fact sheet can be a crucial resource. Fact sheets provide an opportunity to highlight the key details about your company in a concise and compelling way. Components such as an overview of your company, its history, mission and audiences should all be outlined, along with your growth outlook and other logistical information.

Tip: Though the majority of information on your fact sheet should be about your company, it’s also important to include executive bios.

Sleek Success Portfolio

To help drive company sales, business owners should consider creating a success portfolio that highlights important achievements. Such a portfolio helps to build credibility for your business in the eyes of potential customers, partners and investors alike. Be sure to include company milestones, key sales and impact statistics and positive customer reviews.

Tip: Include media clips as well! Press coverage of your business helps position your company as legitimate, serious and successful.

Focusing on sales goals is a vital step for every new business owner trying to get their company off the ground. In addition to dedicating time for business meetings and networking events, it’s just as important to ensure you have marketing collateral that describes your business and key goals, highlights your successes and showcases your credibility. These resources and materials will help drive your business goals and set your company up for success.