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3 Tips For Growing Your Marketing Strategy

Tips November 14, 2017

For entrepreneurs looking to start their own business, it’s important to master the basics in order to build your company and pave the way for success. No matter your size or industry, marketing is an important staple that can help create awareness, build momentum and generate sales leads. With these goals in mind, all business owners must devote resources to tailor and grow their marketing strategies.

Here are three marketing strategies that can help boost your business.

Develop a Captivating Company Blog

Blogs are an important tool for boosting SEO, engaging target audiences and establishing your business as an industry leader. Although many companies have a blog, not all are using them effectively. It’s important to ensure that your blog is both interesting to your audience and a useful resource they can learn from. Diversify your content to include things like company news, trend pieces and how-to guides relevant to your industry. It’s also vital to post consistently—no need to post every day, but dedicate time to producing at least one quality blog post a week.

Tip: Try out guest posts to further diversify your content! These can be authored by customers, partners or various employees at your company.

Launch an Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing tactics allow companies to correspond regularly with their customers, members and followers and keep them engaged and updated on company news. However, it’s important to ensure your email strategy is executed effectively, otherwise your messages may end up in the trash. Rather than sending out emails every day and for minor news, keep your content to items that are of interest to your clients, including company events, business milestones and educational information such as unique tips and tricks or brief tutorials. Remember, less is more!

Tip: Be sure to track your open-rates on all emails—that way you adjust your email content, format and subject lines to see what resonates most with your clients.   

Build a Strong Social Media Presence

In today’s business world, social media is a critical tool for reaching a wide-range of audiences and engaging with clients. When it comes to marketing strategies, a successful social media presence requires more than just posting once a day. Instead, businesses must create targeted social media marketing campaigns that highlight your unique brand and encourage engagement. Content should be regular and can highlight a contest, fun fact about your company, client review or lifehack video series showcasing your expertise.

Tip: Remember to also use social media ads for your marketing campaigns to boost viewership and engagement.

A well-thought-out marketing plan may take time, but it’s essential for achieving long-term business success. Be sure to create a comprehensive strategy that not only highlights your brand effectively, but is also tailored toward your target audiences. Doing so will help you build company awareness and get your business off the ground.