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Humans Tip: How to Effectively Publish Work Offers

Tips April 28, 2017

As a skilled service provider looking to connect with clients and secure job opportunities, we want you to succeed on We’ve worked hard to ensure that our open platform has the tools you need to reach your full potential. In addition to being able to search through profiles and client job requests, you can also publish work offers—which allow you to outline the specific services you can provide and tasks you can help with.

Here are our top tips for effectively publishing work offers.

Publishing Work Offers

Providers on can publish work offers that outline the specific tasks they can help with and services they can provide. Offering piano lessons at a discounted price? Publish a work offer. Looking for work as a dog walker in New York City? Publish a work offer. Available to help a small business create its perfect website? Publish a work offer.

No matter what services you can provide, publishing a work offer is a simple way to showcase your skills to potential clients and turn your talents into cash.

How to do it:

The “publish offer” button can be found in two places on on the homepage and on your profile. Be sure you’re on the “I am Provider” tab on our homepage and on the provider tab of your profile. From there, simply click the “publish request” button and fill out the info needed—including the work title and details.

Top tips:

To ensure your work offer is effective and to increase your chance of clients responding, include as many details as possible. Clearly summarize the job you can help with or the service you can provide and be sure to include your availability, rates and location—many clients are working within a specific time frame, budget or geographic location. You can also browse through client job requests and apply to the ones that best match your skill set.