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Must-Have Tools and Resources for Every Entrepreneur Toolkit

Tips October 03, 2017

Nationwide, America’s best and brightest are starting their own businesses, engaging in freelance work and taking the path toward entrepreneurship. Since becoming an entrepreneur comes with countless challenges, having access to an entrepreneur toolkit is essential. The resources that can help are better—and more accessible—than ever before! 

Check out some must-have resources that will help you navigate your way to becoming a successful entrepreneur:

  • For Getting Started

The first step for every new or hopeful business owner is creating a comprehensive business plan that outlines your goals and highlights how you’ll achieve them. If you didn’t go to business school, you may not know where to start. Bplans offers over 500 free sample business plan templates, in addition to planning advice and interactive tools—making it easy to take this crucial first step.

  • For Becoming Tech-Savvy

With new and innovative technology transforming the business world, today’s entrepreneur must master their online skills. Things like building a website and effectively utilizing social media are essential for business success. The Complete Web Developer Course from StackSocial helps business beginners master the art of web developing, HTML, Javascript and more—with just 28 hours of content.

  • For Staying Competitive

Staying up to speed on other industry players is an important, yet often forgotten about, task for entrepreneurs. Doing so will help any business owner ensure they are constantly improving to remain competitive. ChangeDetection flags any changes to a website, while Google Alerts flag news coverage specific to your topics of choice. That way, you’ll never miss an announcement or budding trend.

No matter what kind of business you’re looking to start, take advantage of the helpful tools and resources that are readily available. They’ll provide you with expert guidance and make your transition from a budding to established entrepreneur as seamless as possible.