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How To Make Client Relationships Last: 3 Tips For Success

Tips June 01, 2018

Building and maintaining strong client relationships is key to the success of any company. As such, it’s important for new business owners to proactively brainstorm new and creative ways to attract new clients and increase sales. However, it’s also vital to develop a plan for building retention rates among existing clients. Doing so will help ensure your company not only has strong sales, but also has a solid base of loyal customers.

Here are three tips for making your client relationships last.

Mater Your Customer Response

In our current digital age, customer service is more important than ever—one negative Facebook post or Yelp review can seriously jeopardize a company’s success. As a result, new business owners must invest in creating a robust customer service model. Quick replies to social media posts and email inquiries are key to making clients feel valued and appreciated—leading to repeat customers and positive reviews.

Tip: Invest in a social media monitoring tool to ensure no posts that mention your company slip through the cracks without a response.

Personalize Your Customer Service

In addition to being prompt, all customer service replies should be personalized and action-driven, providing concrete next steps and solutions. Rather than creating automated responses, ensure your messages address each customer individually and do more than redirect them to an FAQ page. Going above and beyond to tailor responses to individual customers will help them feel valued.

Tip: Sign all customer service emails with an individual team member’s name. This helps humanize the email exchange.

Develop Creative Follow Ups

Following up with customers through email blasts is an important sales tactic that companies should adopt. However, going beyond the traditional automated email regarding upcoming sales will go a long way in building out your customer base. Tailoring your follow up messages to news that individual customers will be interested in and sending out exclusive offers will be a more effective tactic.

Tip: Don’t limit yourself to email. Utilize social media as well to follow up with customers and share exclusive offers.

Every new and seasoned business owner knows the importance of strong client relationships. In addition to impacting overall company revenue, they also lead to a larger customer base and better brand awareness. Developing effective strategies for not only attracting new customers, but also turning those new customers into repeat customers, will help set you business up for long-term success.