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Your Checklist for Finding the Help You Need

Tips May 16, 2017

As a client on, you have direct access to thousands of skilled service providers from across the country—each with their own unique skill set and work experiences. With such a large and diverse Humans Network, you’ll have no problem finding help with any and every task.

Follow this checklist to find the perfect provider for your task or project:

Highlight your need

Create a work request that outlines the specific services you’re looking for. Whether you need someone to mow your lawn, someone to help set up your new company website, or even both, your work request should highlight all the important details: the service you’re looking for, your timeline and your budget. From there, providers will reach out to you.

Decide on credentials

Review credentials to identify providers who match your needs. is packed with savvy features that make this step simple! If you’re looking for service providers in your local area, our interactive map allows you to search by location and by skill type. If looking for service providers with extensive experience, review provider profiles to get a sense of their education and employment history, as well as work samples.

Compare ratings and reviews

Compare ratings and reviews to narrow down the best service provider for your job. Our user-generated ratings offer a transparent snapshot of what it’s like to work with a specific provider—all written by people who actually have. See what went well and what didn’t in past work experiences and use that information to help select your perfect provider.

Communicate directly

Reach out directly to providers you’re interested in working with. Communicating with providers one-on-one  allows you to get to know who you’re hiring. Be sure to ask any last minute questions and relay any important information about what you’re expecting. From there, create a contract proposal to negotiate the details and agree on the terms—then, work can begin!