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How to Build Your Business Network

Tips October 10, 2017

Networking is an essential skill for every new or seasoned entrepreneur striving to achieve business success. Fostering strong connections helps to open up new career doors and provides vital resources and guidance from industry peers and experts. In today’s competitive market, every business owner must be proactive in looking for ways to form new relationships.

Here are a few tips for networking:

  • Draw on Industry Relationships

To strengthen your network, you must first learn to leverage industry connections. Tapping into the knowledge and expertise of industry peers provides an opportunity to draw from their lessons learned, which can help guide you on the path to success. LinkedIn is a popular tool for making connections and showcasing your own industry knowledge. Networking events or business conferences are also ideal for connecting with fellow entrepreneurs near and far.

  • Cultivate Client Relationships

Creating relationships with customers is vital in every industry, but you must also focus on maintaining those relationships. Satisfied clients can offer strong testimonials and referrals that can have a huge impact on building your reputation and your business. Organizing client events and collaborating with those that have their own businesses are just two tactics for building these relationships.

  • Leverage the Latest Technology

Today’s entrepreneur must take the time to become tech-savvy. With the digital world showing no signs of slowing down, it’s important to recognize that networking now often begins online. Innovative apps like CityHour help set up quick meetings while traveling with professionals in the area. CircleBack offers the tool ScanBizCards, which automatically inputs contact information into your phone after scanning business cards.

  • Connect through

Joining a large network of professionals is essential for drawing on the help and resources you need today and in the future. lets you connect with thousands of skilled professionals, and provides an opportunity to both market your skills and services to the people who need your help, and to find skilled professionals for all your business (and personal!) needs. With no fees and no middleman, you control who you work with, when and the price.

The ability to build a strong business network continues to be a vital factor in reaching entrepreneurial success. By leveraging the wealth of tools and resources available, today’s entrepreneur can successfully grow their network and achieve long-term success.