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We’ve launched!

News January 24, 2017


When we began our journey to build, we knew what we wanted to create: a tool that allows people to use their skills to help others—an open community where everyday people can find the help they need.

With this in mind, our team has worked tirelessly to create a platform that makes it simple for you to connect with others, turn your talents into cash and find help with every task imaginable. We’re happy to share that is here! Our open platform is packed with savvy features designed to simplify the process of finding work and finding the help you need—connect and communicate with the people you want to work with, transfer payments safely and securely and share your feedback to enhance the experience for everyone.

Here are the exciting new features that you can now use on


Working together has never been easier. We provide you with the necessary tools to seamlessly connect to the people you want to work with.

Publish Work Offers

Find job opportunities quickly and easily by publishing work offers. Create work offers for specific jobs to connect with potential clients with—simply outline the job, your availability and the price.

Publish Job Requests

Find the help you need by publishing job requests. Create job requests for specific jobs—be sure to include all the important details: your timeline, budget, location and any other essential information.


Easily find exactly what you’re looking for using our powerful search engine. Browse through profiles to find the people you want to work with. You can also search through active work offers and job requests.


We believe in people communicating with one another. Our platform is designed so you can chat directly with the people you’ll be working with.

Transparent Instant Messaging

Communicate directly with others using our transparent instant messaging feature. Initiate contracts and discuss the terms easily and in real time. We leave the negotiating up to you.

Approve and Cancel Contracts

Approve the contracts you like and cancel the ones that don’t work out using our instant messenger. Contracts can only be approved after both parties agree on the terms. From there, work can begin! As a provider, you can cancel contracts at any time and the client will be refunded.

Earn & Pay

We provide you with the tools to turn your talents into cash and find help with any and every task. Our online payment system is safe and secure, making it easy to transfer and withdraw funds.

Enter payment information

Before work can begin, clients must provide a valid method of payment. All funds are held using our secure payment system. We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards as well as debit cards. We do not accept gift cards or prepaid cards as valid forms of payment.

Transfer funds

After a job is finished and the client approves, funds are transferred to the provider. We ensure that all payments can be carried out fully by reserving funds after a contract has been approved, but before work has begun!

Withdraw payments

Withdraw the money you earn on quickly and conveniently. Simply transfer your earnings directly to your preferred bank account.


Make your voice heard on by evaluating your work experiences. Your feedback is important to us and your reviews will help enhance the experience for all our users.

Evaluate your experiences

Share your feedback on by rating your experience and leaving a review. Every user is invited to share their experiences after working with a provider or a client.

Review user experiences

When looking for someone to work with, review feedback from other members of the community. All ratings and reviews are user-generated.

Check out our exciting new platform for yourself and become a member of our growing global network: