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Finding Work and Finding Help: Easier Than Ever

News July 06, 2017

At, we’re committed to constantly improving our site, making it simple to use—whether you’re looking for work or looking for help. To that end, our team has been hard at work making each step of the Humans process as user friendly as possible. We’ve made some big updates, and we think you’ll like them.

Instant Payments

We’ve replaced our escrow system with a new instant payment system that lets you send or request funds at any moment. There’s no need to wait until a contract is complete—simply click the “$” symbol in chat.

Free Transactions

Sending and receiving payments on is now completely free. This means more affordable services and more earning potential—leaving you with more cash and more time to do the things you love.

Streamlined Chat

Your chats are now organized by contacts, not contracts—meaning all your conversations with any single member will be featured in one stream. We’ll also notify you when a new contact reaches out—from there, you can ignore or accept their message.

Simplified Registration

We’ve simplified our registration process, removing unnecessary steps, and tailored it to better serve you and your needs. Also, you can now post a work offer or job request immediately after registering to help kick start your success on

Weekly Updates

To help providers find job opportunities, we’re sending weekly emails featuring job requests. Sent weekly, these emails will be personalized to each individual provider’s skillset, meaning you can quickly identify potential job opportunities.

We hope these updates help enhance your experiences on Be sure to try them out and check back for more improvements to come! If you have any suggestions for improving our site, we welcome your feedback—email us at: at

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