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Latest Features for Our Members

News November 28, 2017 is getting better every day! Our team has been hard at work coming up with new and innovative enhancements to make the experience more streamlined for all of our members. It’s now easier than ever to connect with others, find success and reach your full potential.

Here’s what’s new on our site:

Updated member posts

Highlighting the services you can provide or the help you need is now even easier. In place of “requests” and “offers,” we now simply have “posts.” Just click “publish post” on your profile and outline the specific work or help you’re looking for. Featuring a new design with larger text and bolded keywords, posts stand out to the people you want to work with. You can also hide a post at any moment and repost it as soon as you’re ready to start advertising again.

New and improved homepage

Navigating our homepage is now a customized experience for each member. We’ve improved our sorting process to ensure posts featured under the “Find the work you want” and “Find the help you need” sections are better tailored. Under finding help, we now showcase our newest members, so you can meet our growing community. Under finding work, we now sort all posts by location and highlight those nearest to you, that way you can find jobs in your area.

Enhanced search function

Searching for work and help is now a streamlined process. We now have one search page, “Find help & work,” so you can easily find everything in one place. We also added new filters for when you need to narrow your search, including work or help, service category, language and members with profile photos. Members can also use the “available for urgent work” button on their profile to let others know they can help with immediate jobs.

Head to now to start taking advantage of these new features—they were all designed with you in mind! Be sure to check back on our blog for even more exciting updates in the coming months.