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Humans in the Press: The Benefits of Horizontal Management

News August 02, 2018

Horizontal Management

Have you ever wondered how to boost employee morale and streamline your business processes? Implement horizontal management and a flat company structure, making sure to create an environment in which employees are motivated do their best work for themselves.

Our founder Vlad shared his insights on this idea:

  • A traditional vertical hierarchy is too narrow, and suffocates employees

Employees in a vertical hierarchy are often unmotivated, unrecognized, unambitious, and only go through the motions in order to get paid. The only chance of promotion is if someone leaves or gets fired. Otherwise, they are stuck in their narrow role. This stifles growth in a big way, which also causes the company to stagnate. If employees are unable to thrive and think in entrepreneurial ways, held back by a rigid vertical hierarchy, the company also suffers.

  • Individual freedom leads to growth

Those who seek freedom benefit most from horizontal management structures. The more drive they have to succeed, the more they will grow as individuals, which also makes the business grow. In a flat structure, someone with little experience but a burning desire to achieve can provide great value to the company. When people have the freedom to pursue projects of personal interest, they become inspired by their work.

  • Compelling benefits for the business

Using a hands-off approach to management that allows employees freedom, yet ensures they understand business objectives, is effective because it encourages people to think outside the box, and accelerates business growth through individual ambition. Leaders in a horizontal management structure should focus on creating a company culture that motivates and develops employees. With the right environment, increased freedom leads to greater cooperation, communication, and inspiration.

  • Unlimited opportunities

Employees in a horizontal management structure have more freedom to realize their ambitions, and are are happier and more fulfilled with their work. As a result, the business, too, grows and prospers.

Read the full op-ed here: Why Your Business Should Implement Horizontal Management 

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