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Humans Update: More New Features

News April 24, 2017

Good news, Humans community: we now have even more exciting features that are live on! As always, we want to keep our growing community of skilled service providers and clients up to speed with these updates so that you can continue to find success on our site.

Here’s what’s new:

Recommended providers

To help clients find the help they need, now recommends providers for specific tasks and projects. Every time a client posts a job request, we recommend several providers that match their needs based on the title and description of the request. From there, we’ll feature the recommended providers under the request and also in messenger—making it easy for clients to reach out.

Provider tip: Make sure your profile is as detailed as possible! It’ll help you get matched with more client requests.

Client tip: Not finding the right provider for you? You can still search through all provider profiles using our powerful search engine.

Updated menu

We’ve enhanced our menu to make it more comprehensive and user-friendly.  We now feature a “Find Clients” button on our main menu at the top of our homepage, making it even easier for providers to search through client requests. Additionally, we’ve added a “Find Providers” button so clients can immediately browse provider profiles when they visit our site.

Provider tip: We’ve also included the “Find Clients” button in the “Clients Request” section of our homepage.

Client tip: We’ve also included the “Find Providers” button in the “Meet Our Providers” section of our homepage.

Search by map

Clients can now search for providers based on their location, thanks to our new map feature. All service providers are visible on a geographical map and will appear when a client views their specific area. They’ll also show up on the map if a client searches for services that match their skill set.

Provider tip: Make sure you’ve included your location on your profile so you show up on our map!

Client tip: Try different keywords if no provider profiles are showing up in your location search.

We hope you find these updates useful as you continue to connect with other members, complete contracts and reach your full potential. Be sure to check back soon as we continue to improve and enhance our site. If you have any suggestions for improving our site, we welcome your feedback—email us at: at

Warm Regards,
Vlad Dobrynin creator and lead singer