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Humans.Net Launches Mobile App!

News September 18, 2018

The one-stop-shop where everyone can find help and everyone can earn goes mobile. We are releasing the mobile apps for both iOS and Android to insure that everyone can easily access our platform at any time.

Our global network that ties people with skills, knowledge and time with the people who need their help is now conveniently accessible on the go. Using our mobile app, you can connect with the people on our platform, find new exciting offers and negotiate the terms of your deals in no time.

The mobile app features powerful tools that simplify the process of finding work and finding help with any task imaginable.

Find everything in one place
Our smart search engine is available for both authorised and unregistered users. The mobile app enables you to use additional search filters like location, profile language or post category so that you can instantly discover exactly what you’re looking for.

Browse through profiles and posts

Providers on create profiles that highlight their past work experiences and specific skills. They also publish posts where they outline which tasks they would be willing to take on and which services they can provide. View their profiles to make an informed decision about recruiting help.

We’ve made registration easier

We strive to create a streamlined user experience for our mobile app users, which is why we have enabled multiple ways of getting started on our platform. Register using your email, phone number or Facebook account, or get used to our platform as an unauthorized user – the choice is yours.

Communicate directly, one human to another

Chat directly with other users in real time whenever you want to, negotiate the details and agree on the terms. With no middleman there’s no limitations. You can now also send photos and attach any files to your chat which broadens the potential of your communication.

Share posts and profiles in the social media

People tend to search for clients or the people who can take on certain tasks on their social media. We’ve all seen those “Need a babysitter for the weekend” or “A graphic designer looking for clients” kind of publications. app will help you connect the dots! Share the profiles of providers that can make your friends’ dreams of a perfectly completed task come true, or repost job offers to help people get clients. Our network brings people together, but sometimes we all need that extra push to connect. Publishing posts and profiles from in your social media will help build trust and bring more people together.

Tweak your profile
Manage the posts you have published: reupload them when they need some hyping up, delete irrelevant posts or unpublish the ones you believe are no longer needed. Take charge of how you are represented to insure you get the best possible offers.

Join our growing global community – download the app now!