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Humans in the Press

News July 05, 2017

Last week, Vlad, the founder of, wrote an insightful op-ed for Silicon NYC sharing his views and predictions for the future of the sharing economy.

Drawing on his expertise and experience creating, a user-friendly platform that is open to everyone, Vlad outlined the key trends that will define online talent platforms in the years to come.

  1. Greater client involvement: allowing users to have more control over their experiences and eliminating the middleman will become a standard feature on these platforms.
  2. Greater diversity of skills: rather than offering one type of service, it will become increasingly important for these platforms to offer every type of service in order to attract more users.
  3. Greater local emphasis: building local networks of skilled professionals will be key to attracting clients looking for in-person help or a more personal experience.  

Check out the full op-ed to learn more:  Why Uber Is Not The Future of Sharing Platforms [Freelancers Hold The Power]

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