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Humans in the Press: Vlad Dobrynin's Tips on Building Client Relations

News October 24, 2018

As a freelancer, you have to stand out to succeed. And our founder and lead singer Vlad Dobrynin has some advice on building relations with customers that works. Use these skills to develop stable relationships with your clients to get ahead and stay there.

Be ready to work with corporates.

More and more large companies embrace freelancer workers. For instance, Fortune 500 companies and global giants like Samsung are turning to online freelancing platforms to find designers, marketing staff, IT specialists and other knowledge workers. But there is also a flip side, as the corporates often see freelancers as flaky and not reliable. Businesses need to know they have someone they can trust. As more companies large and small choose freelancers over full-time employees, those contingent workers need to prepare for more responsibility. From their perspective, being perceived as dependable and responsible is the foundation from which they can build an ongoing and successful business relationship.

Make your flexible hours a unique selling point.

Employers might consider using a freelance service for any project that needs to get done within a short time frame, or .as quickly as possible. Which doesn’t mean that freelancers should have to answer calls at 3 am when it’s not part of the conditions you’ve discussed — there should be boundaries after all. Still, as the freelancer, you can do something that’s just come up. This will increase your worth to clients and help strengthen the relationship for the future. There is nothing more frustrating for a client than a freelancer who is inflexible and unwilling to cater to their schedules and requests — so don’t be that person.


Don’t put yourself in a box.

As a freelancer, you may find it easy to become pigeonholed. Clients will associate you with a particular type of work, and you can end up in a metaphorical box. To prevent that, once you finish a project, ask if there’s anything else you could do. Getting to know customers on a more personal level, speaking to them and keeping in touch will help you track new tasks that come up. You might be surprised how this simple question can open the door to new projects, especially if an employer already trusts your work ethic.


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Freelancing can be incredibly liberating, as you control your schedule and work environment. Of course, with this freedom comes the responsibility of being your own boss, staying organized and pushing yourself to do better. We hope our CEO’s tips will help you along the way!