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Humans in the Press: Next-Gen Social Networks Will Eradicate Data Manipulation

News October 15, 2018

It almost seems like the current social media platforms have hit rock bottom when it comes to data manipulation and exploiting user data. Every day we see more and more revelations on the matter, one more drastic than the other. But these platforms are soon to be superseded by next-generation social networks based on the blockchain, as CEO Vlad Dobrynin points out in his interview with Entrepreneur.  Here are some insights on what the next-gen social networks will look like.

Users will own their data

Today your data is owned by the social media platform, not you. The new social media platforms will turn this on its head. Data will belong to users who generate it, and they will choose how to manage it and who sees it.

Users will monetize their data

Unlike today’s social media that makes money by pushing content to you, the new social media platforms will evolve based on the idea that users should make money off of their own data. And if they decide to let others use their data, they will receive payments, not some huge data aggregator.

“People first” approach

With current social platforms, we see a lot of data that needs fact-checking. You don’t really know which profiles are genuine? At best you may find a long lost friend who you studied with 25 years ago after 30 to 60 minutes of searching. In sharp contrast, the next-gen platforms like are people-oriented. They are reliable, secure and not driven by algorithms: they are created by the people and for the people.


The paradigm of the ever-evolving technology is here to stay, but that does not mean we need not make tech work for the people, not the other way around. While the digital age has partly been characterized by all manner of organizations using people’s needs to make money, new social media platforms will reverse this flow and give power back to the people.

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