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Humans in the Press: Can Brexit Save Blockchain? Reactions From The Industry

News November 17, 2018

There are a lot of unanswered questions about the future of European trade with Brexit. CEO, Vlad Dobrynin shared his view in the new article by Forbes.

It has been a turbulent two days in British politics, and the economy is already looking nervous as a result. Sterling fell by 1.8% against the Euro on Wednesday as Prime Minister Theresa May attempts to convince a skeptical government to accept the proposed Brexit deal.

While the rest of the world looks on bemused, reactions from the industry are mixed, with an appetite for blockchain still vociferous – something a borderless Brexit won’t change. I spoke with industry leaders to find out just what worries them about the proposed withdrawal bill.

Trade and People

Borders and trade agreements are on the mind of a many a U.K. business owner as details of the proposed agreement are revealed. The cost of trading with the EU is a concern for some, whilst others believe that technology offers the tools needed to mitigate the impact of Brexit on their business.

Vlad Dobrynin, CEO and Co-Founder of sees tech as a positive way of keeping trade borderless, whether Brexit affects trade borders or not. “We are on the verge of the 4th technological revolution. It will correlate with the change in the relationship between the people around – how one interacts, purchases and percepts. It will mitigate the borders and vanish the middlemen and there is no legislative power out there to slow it down. Blockchain is capable of eliminating any borders between people and entities exchanging goods, products, services, and information, no matter what those borders are: governments, geography, ethnicity or identity.”

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