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Humans in the Press: A Revolution in How People and Businesses Connect and Trade Skills and Services

News November 07, 2018 CEO Vlad Dobrynin shared his view on how the platform will change the way 
people and businesses connect and trade skills and services.


We are using advanced Artificial Intelligence to drive the search process on the platform which will radically alter how we connect online with peers and businesses. People will get swift and accurate search results irrespective of geographical location.

No Middleman

It’s a revolutionary online model which is set to radically alter how we interact online and how we trade skills and services. The compelling attraction for users is that there is no middleman to cream off money because there are no fees whatsoever. Users have real-time direct conversations with one another, data privacy is not violated, and there are no hidden costs. If users wish to earn revenue, they can permit their data to be used for advertising, all within a safe and protected environment that is free from fraud.

Existing online platforms have pricey membership fees or high commission charges. Their search processes are time-consuming and complex payment systems create barriers and deter people from using them. turns this around and completely recreates how people work with one another and use services.


The trial run illustrated a strong need for skills and services across many areas including household and gardening, law, finance and taxes, business assistance and homes and different types of training. Unlike similar platforms which gather user data for commercial purposes and charge fees, will be a decentralized platform, meaning that data is not owned by anyone other than users, and cannot be used unless owners give permission. Privacy is guaranteed. Each user has a unique access key and users who agree to have their data used for marketing receive 25% of revenue generated from advertising.

Power is given back to users ensuring no one can use their data without their permission. In today’s world of data-driven economies, this is a radical but far-reaching step.

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