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News September 24, 2017

In today’s business world, the growing gig economy combined with the attractive startup model are overhauling the traditional 9-5 job experience most workers have grown accustomed to. Together, this is creating a new norm that allows for more freedom and flexibility in the workplace.

This week, our founder Vlad wrote an insightful piece for SmallBizClub that discusses how the gig economy can help a startup.

  • Finding affordable help

Businesses of all kinds often turn to outside help for technical, financial, and cleaning assistance. For new startups looking to minimize costs, freelance help is often more affordable than contracting a company or corporation.

  • Building a positive company culture

Studies show that 79%of freelancers believe freelancing is better than working at a traditional job. Allowing employees to build on their passions and providing a flexible and open work environment helps to build positivity throughout the workplace.

  • Handpicking experienced employees

Using freelancers who are already trained and highly skilled for specific job functions helps to bring efficiency and quality work to each department. It also helps companies tailor work across departments to align with specific business goals.

  • Attracting budding talent

Millennials are participating in the gig economy at an escalating rate. By opening up your business to freelancers, you stand to attract more young talent looking to build their portfolios and earn extra money in their free time.

Read the full op-ed to learn more: 4 Ways the Gig Economy Can Help a Startup