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News December 19, 2018

Humans in the Press: Blockchain and Crypto in the Labor Market: Overview of Salaries, Taxes and the Most In-Demand Jobs

In the new article by Cointelegraph, the author analyzes the influence of Blockchain and Crypto on the labor market.

News November 30, 2018

Humans in the Press: Millennials Challenge Workplace Standards with Blockchain Technology

Millennials are known as being a unique demographic, especially when it comes to the workforce. The new article by Bitcoinexchanheguide analyzes how the job market is going to change. 

News November 29, 2018

Humans in the Press: Eight Blockchain Platforms by Celebrity Entrepreneurs Set for Launch in 2019

New tech is set to disrupt numerous existing markets. Coincodex reviewed best blockchain platforms led by celebrity entrepreneurs. is one of them.

News November 21, 2018

Humans in the Press: Leap in the Blockchain Development: What Will be in Demand on the Decentralized Market in 2019?

In successive instances, the social media giants have been faced with damning security breaches. How will third-gen social networks like solve these problems? Learn in the new article by Forbes.

News November 20, 2018

Humans in the Press: Transparency in Influencer Marketing: Are We There Yet?

Lack of trust and honesty. That’s how influencer marketing looks today.  CEO, Vlad Dobrynin shared his view on the current situation in the new Forbes article

News November 17, 2018

Humans in the Press: Can Brexit Save Blockchain? Reactions From The Industry

There are a lot of unanswered questions about the future of European trade with Brexit. CEO, Vlad Dobrynin shared his view in the new article by Forbes.

News November 16, 2018

Humans in the Press: Blockchain-based Social Networks: State of the field and how to profit from them

Traditional social networks are losing trust. The new article by NextBigFuture aims to analyze the next-gen social nets that allow us to show some of the benefits of blockchain technology.

News November 15, 2018

Humans in the Press: Humans vs Uber: Will Blockchain Help?

There is a lot of buzz going on about “Uberization”. But, is this model that great? The new article by aims to find an answer.

News November 07, 2018

Humans in the Press: A Revolution in How People and Businesses Connect and Trade Skills and Services CEO Vlad Dobrynin shared his view on how the platform will change the way people and businesses connect and trade skills and services.

News October 24, 2018

Humans in the Press: Vlad Dobrynin's Tips on Building Client Relations

As a freelancer, you have to stand out to succeed. And our founder and lead singer Vlad Dobrynin has some advice on building relations with customers that works. Use these skills to develop stable relationships with your clients to get ahead and stay there. 

News October 15, 2018

Humans in the Press: Next-Gen Social Networks Will Eradicate Data Manipulation CEO Vlad Dobrynin discusses the potential of the social media in his interview with Entrepreneur. Here are some insights on what the next-gen social networks will look like.

News September 18, 2018

Humans.Net Launches Mobile App!

The one-stop-shop where everyone can find help and everyone can earn goes mobile. We are releasing the mobile apps for both iOS and Android to insure that everyone can easily access our platform at any time.

Horizontal Management
News August 02, 2018

Humans in the Press: The Benefits of Horizontal Management

Have you ever wondered how to boost employee morale and streamline your business processes? Implement horizontal management and a flat company structure!

online job platforms
News June 25, 2018

Humans in the Press: Drawbacks of Online Job Platforms

As more people freelance, they turn to online job platforms. However, many online job platforms can't guarantee a fast and easy job search.

News November 28, 2017

Latest Features for Our Members is getting better every day! Our team has been hard at work coming up with new and innovative enhancements to make the experience more streamlined for all of our members.

News September 25, 2017

Latest features on!

At, we’re dedicated to the success of all our members. That’s why our team has been working hard to improve the experience for everyone—no matter what you’re looking for.

News September 24, 2017

Humans In the Press

In today’s business world, the growing gig economy combined with the attractive startup model are overhauling the traditional 9-5 job experience most workers have grown accustomed to.

News August 18, 2017

Humans In The Press

Recently, our founder Vlad shared his thoughts and insights with AllTopStartups on the debilitating fees people often face when using online talent platforms.

News July 07, 2017

Only No-Fee Platform

We are excited to announce that is completely free for all users. We are now the only online talent platform with no fees, no commission charges and no hidden costs.

News July 06, 2017

Finding Work and Finding Help: Easier Than Ever

At, we’re committed to constantly improving our site, making it simple to use—whether you’re looking for work or looking for help. To that end, our team has been hard at work making each step of the Humans process as user friendly as possible.

News July 05, 2017

Humans in the Press

Last week, Vlad, the founder of, wrote an insightful op-ed sharing his views and predictions for the future of the sharing economy.

News June 28, 2017

Celebrate July 4th With

The Fourth of July is almost here! Whether you’re planning a huge party or a small backyard barbeque, has you covered.

News May 24, 2017

Trends in the Startup World - TechDay 2017

Startups are contributing creative ideas, products and services to the world at rates faster than ever before. Not only are their ideas improving our lives, but they’re also providing inspiration for people to follow their passions and start their own businesses.

News May 17, 2017

New Act Protects NYC Freelancer Rights

Important news for all freelancers living in NYC: a new law has just passed that builds your rights as a freelancer!

News May 04, 2017

Humans in the Press

More good news, hot off the press! Humans was featured in the Tech Day 2017 recap by Smart Vision Labs via Medium.

News May 01, 2017

Humans in the Press

Great news, Humans Network! Our open platform is getting more attention! We want the world to learn more about so people can start turning their talents into cash, finding help with every task imaginable and reaching their full potential.

News May 01, 2017

Philip Herman at TechDay

The Humans Booth at #TechDay was a big success thanks to our talented artist Philip Herman. While there, he drew custom caricature t-shirt illustrations of people doing the things they love. Check them out in our video from #TechDay.

News April 24, 2017

Humans Update: More New Features

Good news, Humans community: we now have even more exciting features that are live on!

News April 21, 2017

Our TechDay Recap

TechDay proved once again why it’s the hottest NYC startup event in the nation. And we were thrilled to be a part of it!

News April 18, 2017

How Works For You is the one-stop-shop for finding work and finding help.

News April 17, 2017

Humans at TechDay

Hello NYC! Tomorrow the Humans team will be at NYC TechDay—the largest startup event in the U.S.

News March 28, 2017

New Features on!

We have exciting news for our Humans Network: new features are now live on our site! Our community is already 30,000 strong—including 18,000 service providers and 12,000 clients.

News January 24, 2017

We’ve launched!

When we began our journey to build, we knew what we wanted to create: a tool that allows people to use their skills to help others—an open community where everyday people can find the help they need.

News December 22, 2016

Humans is coming

As we approach the New Year, we wanted to share some exciting updates happening on our site. In an effort to provide the best possible experience for all of our users, we are holding off on our full launch until January.

News October 03, 2016

TOP NYC Freelance Industries

Over the past few years, NYC’s unemployment rate has steadily declined. As the gig economy continues to surge in popularity, more industries and individuals are turning to freelance work—leading to more job opportunities and a growing workforce.