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Member Spotlight: Kit Vassina

Member Spotlight October 31, 2017

At, we value our community of skilled members! For our next Member Spotlight, we sat down with Kit Vassina, a digital and print designer with a specialization in branding! Read about how immigrating to the United States sparked her love for design.

HUMANS: Tell us a little about your talent or skill.

KIT: I do print and digital design, but my main focus and passion is branding.


HUMANS: When did you first start working in your field?

KIT: I have been doing freelance work here and there since I was in college. But I officially started focusing on design as my full-time career around three years ago.


HUMANS: How did you get into design? What’s your background?

KIT: I never received a degree in design or any marketing-related field. I immigrated to the United States when I was 10 and, because of the language barrier, had a hard time making friends. So I turned to the computer and taught myself design, and it’s been a hobby ever since. Since I never got a degree, I started working as a hostess in a restaurant and within a few months’ time became their branding, marketing and design person. After that, I expanded my client list and continued to work in the field. I currently work as a freelancer for a branding agency in New York.


HUMANS: Why did you join the community?

KIT: I’m always looking for opportunities to network and expand my list of contacts. I saw an ad for and thought it was a great idea—it looked modern, clean and hip. I particularly liked the branding and design, so that drew me to it as well. I also think it’s a great idea to try and get in on a website while it’s still young, that way you can be one of the first popular profiles.


HUMANS: What is your favorite thing about the work that you do?

KIT: Following something through from concept to completion. It gives me a huge sense of accomplishment. I just turned my client’s vision into something real and tangible.


HUMANS: Why do you want to share your skills on our platform?

KIT: I think as the website grows, it will become a popular freelance hub. I haven’t had many good experiences with similar websites, but I think has what it takes to follow through on their vision.


To learn more about Kit and her many talents, visit her profile:

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