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Member Spotlight: Justin Adams

Member Spotlight March 23, 2017

At, we value our community of skilled members! For our first Member Spotlight, we sat down with Justin Adams, a talented freelance artist and member of our Humans Network! Learn about his skills, background and why he loves what he does!

HUMANS: To kick things off, can you tell us about your talent and when you first started working in your field?

JUSTIN: I am a multi-disciplined artist but my strongest area of focus has always been illustration; namely in the genres of fantasy and science fiction art.

I started working professionally as a freelance artist about nine years ago. Right at the time I decided to remain a stay-at-home dad (or as I like to say, “professional dad.”)


HUMANS: Tell us about your background and past work experiences?

JUSTIN: My artistic background has been varied. If I had an interest in something I went for it completely immersing myself in whatever area of study I was curious about. Sculpture,   photography, dance, martial arts, glass work, leather work, motorcycle building, tattoos, the list goes on…! 


HUMANS: What is your favorite thing about the work that you do?

JUSTIN: Favorite parts of my job include the flexibility of time; if I don’t feel like painting I don’t have to, or conversely if I feel like painting until 3am I can do that too. I also enjoy the varied projects I get—I’m very thankful I don’t have to do the same thing day after day. Another great aspect to my work is the creative process. I love the back and forth, the hashing out of ideas and watching my client get excited as our project develops.


HUMANS: Why do you want to share your skills on

JUSTIN: This is two-fold for me: On one hand I want to share my skills to simply grow my own business. On the other hand, I feel like social platforms are changing the way we approach work. To me there seems to be a growing sense of community amongst artists and employers, a willingness to help others move forward and to connect people in order to push projects along. I hope that I can help companies find great art either through me or someone I know on


Stay tuned for more profiles of different skilled members of the community. To learn more about Justin and his artistic talents, visit his profile and his website.