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Member Spotlight November 28, 2017

At, your voice matters! Our team is dedicated to creating an inclusive, positive environment where anyone can find help and anyone can earn. That’s why we asked our own members to review our site and let us know their thoughts.

Here’s what our members have to say:

  • “What I love most about is that there are no fees and no commission. Every other freelance or talent platform I’ve used has taken a cut of my earnings. I work hard during all of my cleaning gigs, so it’s great to know that everything I earn is mine to keep.” Ivan Casanova, Professional Cleaner. *Hear how Ivan uses to find success here.* 
  • “ has been a helpful networking tool for me while jumpstarting my own personal fitness business. My favorite feature is that there is no middleman. I like being in control of my own experiences on the site—it’s allowed me to openly chat and stay in touch with several potential clients without any restrictions.” Kristian Corporan, Personal Trainer 
  • “As a writer, I’m always looking for new ways to market my skills and connect with clients. has been a great tool for me—not only is it an additional place to house my resume, it also features a comprehensive database of people looking for help. I like how I can publish posts highlighting my services—it’s just another way to showcase my expertise and get my name out there. ”Michael Small, Writer

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