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Humans Network Success Formula

How To September 25, 2018

Love is often described as having special chemistry with a significant other, but it has always been a secret formula. We work on every aspect of with love, but our success formula isn’t that secret at all — we are all for transparency and trustworthiness. To maintain high standards of development, we adhere to it without digressions. It goes like this: Find — Agree — Pay — Evaluate. It also happens to be the path that every new user follows when they join our platform. So let’s take a closer look at each step:


Find. Imagine you could join a platform and it would just guess what you need, and suggest you some relevant solutions on the spot. We have developed an ingenious AI reference system that does just that. It is also a personal assistant who will pick up and recommend tasks tailored to your needs, interests or capabilities.

Agree. This part of the system is responsible for people who established contact to develop it into effective communication. It’s necessary while negotiating and looking for conditions that both sides would be happy to settle on. The system also allows interacting in groups or syncing up different time zones if the person lives somewhere far from you.

Pay. Any job done should be paid for — it’s an indisputable rule of the platform. And we make payments easier than ever — they are convenient, effortless and instant. You can use any currency you like, and there are no commissions, which as we know too well are often unexpected and annoying. Bonus points go to us for future cryptocurrencies implementation, so you can finally start holding on some bitcoins!

Evaluate. Every user will receive an individual life track record protected by the blockchain. This record allows us to build an engine of social recommendations of an utmost reliability — no more scams or disappointed sides. The system remembers everything you do, and it does it forever — no mistakes allowed, but everyone around is safe with getting quality work done and receiving the well-earned payment on time.


We are continuing to build our open ecosystem where you can find the person you need yourself, negotiate in a chat room, and pay however you’d like. You decide what to do and how to do it. It is truly peer-to-peer, or as we say human-to-human.